Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR)

Under a CMAR approach, an owner procures the construction firm, or the CMAR contract, separately from the design firm. The owner selects the construction firm (or construction manager) before or early in the design process. The construction manager advises the design firm during the design and planning phases and then often acts as the equivalent of a general contractor during the construction phase. At a designated point later in the design phase, the owner and construction manager negotiate a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) based on the as-yet-completed design. While CMAR is a complex process, if done properly, it can yield time and cost efficiencies. Such efficiencies can be accomplished when an owner obtains construction manager input during the design phase and begins aspects of a construction project before the full design is complete. The CMAR project delivery integrates the functions of design and construction to achieve a balance of cost, quality, and schedule. The benefits of LJB’s CMAR approach are that the CMAR project delivery approach puts the client, designer, and builder on the same team and the phased construction of CMAR saves time and money. Our CMAR approach is flexible and can provide a phased project by “stacking” the schedule to reduce cost, shorten the overall construction duration, and assure timely occupancy.