Witness Testimony & Litigation

Occasionally, a construction failure must be mediated by the legal system. If you are faced with this unfortunate situation, we recommend retaining construction litigation support as quickly as possible in order to best protect your investments. LJB’s experienced construction professionals provide a strong, effective, and efficient approach to determining the cause and origin of structural damage or premature building envelope failure. Construction claims are complex and often require subtle distinction of engineering and construction practices. As such, LJB’s expert witness testimony services distill the relevant facts of the claim to both counsel and jury. Our investigation process is informed by our in-depth understanding of each stage of building design, construction, and finishing. We provide conclusive, evidence-based answers to the complex questions that arise during the rigorous investigations that accompany litigation. Our forensic investigations are comprehensive and exhaustive so that we might be able to distinguish the truth from allegations, and our expert witness testimony provides a credible account to the jury so that they might make the most well-informed decision regarding our clients. LJB’s consultants are equipped to provide the insight necessary to ensure the success of your litigation strategy. LJB’s litigation support includes an exhaustive review of all documentation pertinent to your dispute. Through our forensic investigation of contracts, schedules, bid estimates, design documents, change orders, and correspondence, LJB’s consultants can thoroughly evaluate the issues surrounding your suit.