Storm Restoration

Knowing how to properly work with an insurance company is important to receive a fair settlement. Insurers are not open checkbooks to fix your storm damage and will work hard to minimize payouts. Bypass the headaches of going it alone or having to get help after the fact by getting an experienced professional team on your side from the beginning. LJB’s professionals will inspect, document, and effectively advocate your claim while guiding you through the steps for a quicker and more equitable result. LJB’s certified experts will provide thorough storm damage assessments of your roof and your home’s interior and exterior structures. While you will rely on us to assess your home’s damage as quickly and efficiently as possible, your insurer will trust us to determine whether the damage your home has suffered is due entirely to the storm you’ve endured, or whether your home’s prior condition left it vulnerable to excess damage. Our reputation combined with our expertise guarantee that we will be honest and fair in our assessment. Our analysis will ensure that you receive the full amount you require to repair your home. Our ability to present information in a way that your insurer understands positions your claim to move quickly through their internal processing systems. Our goal is to help you return to your home as quickly as possible. Let us help you find your way back to your peaceful life.