Why Our Successful HOA Construction Services are a Team Effort

HOA construction

LJB Construction works closely with Home Owners Associations, who lead the communities in which they live, as well as Property Management Companies, who are contracted by HOAs.

Some of the HOA services we offer include:

  • Construction Services: new builds, re-builds and restoration
  • Project Coordination: complete management and oversight of all projects, materials, methods and keeping projects within budget and time frame
  • Disaster Management: includes risk assessment, fungal inspection, indoor air quality evaluation, assessment of structural integrity, hazmat analysis and coordination with relevant insurance companies, lawyers and/or FEMA
  • Emergency Response Services: Damage mitigation from earthquakes, fire, flooding, hurricanes, hail, tornadoes, heavy wind and more
  • Routine maintenance: The best way to avoid incurring expensive property damage is by performing regular preventative maintenance, inspections and repairs.

HOA construction

We understand the importance of communicating clearly and consistently at each stage of a project. Our expert Home Owners Association (HOA) construction services are a team effort between our skilled staff and yours.

Our successful work in HOA communities is only possible thanks to the dedication to community displayed by association managers. We understand and respect the vital role you fill in service to your communities.

LJB Construction will work alongside you to help navigate any construction/reconstruction projects or emergency construction situations.

LJB only works with the most respected industry professionals to deliver flawless construction on time and on budget. Our portfolio features hospitals, restaurants, apartment complexes, condominiums, and shopping centers, each one an example of our fine craftsmanship and dedication to excellence.

Should you choose to hire us to help manage a construction defect case, we are also highly skilled and experienced in structural testing and building envelope repair.

HOA construction

Is your HOA prepared for a disaster or emergency situation? With hurricane season occurring with alarming intensity in recent years, the season from June until December has become one of anxiety and uncertainty for many residents in Florida and Texas. Flood waters have ripped through communities that have never had to prepare for flood damage before.

Notice: The following is by no means a comprehensive list. If your HOA or condominium is in danger of being affected by flood waters this year, please contact LJB so that we can help your community prepare adequately. Additionally, you should seek legal advice and work closely with your insurance providers, maintenance staff, and Community Association Manager (CAM).

We recommend that HOAs and condominium owners take the following basic steps to be as prepared as possible for hurricane season this year (and every year):

Resident Information

Confirm that your records have up-to-date information for your residents and their guests.

  • Phone numbers
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Name and description of all pets

HOA construction

Consider developing an automated emergency contact system so that you can alert owners quickly if that your community is ordered to evacuate due to an impending hurricane or other natural disaster.


  • Check with your HOA’s insurance agent to ensure that your community has adequate coverage.
  • Make sure that copies of your policies are in a central, easily accessible location.
  • Consistently maintain accurate emergency contact information for your directors and officers in case you need to begin filing a claim.

Financial Information

  • Your HOA’s bank account information should be available in a secure but central location, including institution name and account number.
  • If your community has the financial capacity to do so, inquire with your financial institution about establishing a line of credit that would be available in case of emergency or disaster situations.

Official Records

  • Store your records remotely via cloud storage whenever possible. If your records are not backed up electronically, begin the (sometimes difficult but necessary) process of switching over to electronic record keeping.
  • Any paper documents should be stored in a safe location with minimal risk of being damaged in case of disaster.

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