Roof Condition Assessments

An effective building envelope is necessary to ensure that a building is protected so that it can operate as designed for its intended lifespan. Ineffective building envelopes leave a building susceptible to extensive, insidious damage from moisture. In a commercial setting, this means productivity is jeopardized, product stock can be damaged, and crucial building components may be rendered useless. The experts at LJB specialize in assessing any potential problems and providing cost-effective, customized solutions. LJB’s extensive experience in the roofing industry allows us to approach each roof evaluation with thoroughness and precision. Our reports outline the roof’s history and composition, illustrate the existing conditions with photographs, and include recommendations for maintenance, repair, and/or replacement with budget and cost estimates. Our roof inspection services offer the foundation for an easily managed and financially sound program for roof maintenance and repair. These assessments provide owners with a comprehensive understanding and record of their existing building envelope assets and allow for preventative maintenance programs to be put into place, which delays major expenditures and saves money.