Master Planning

Master Planning clearly defines the desired outcomes of your project, including how each feature of your building will enable you to achieve your organization’s vision or purpose. The Master Plan considers who will benefit or be impacted by the project, what future growth is expected, and what additional programming or building functions will be added later that are not part of the initial project phase. Master Planning is a critical piece for any project that involves long-term planning, phases spread out over time, or the need for help defining needs and desires for a project’s impact. LJB’s architectural master planning is an essential feature in all of our design services, as it allows us to build-out our projects with expert precision. The master planning we provide goes beyond your walls, windows, and doors and extends into the landscaping around your project site and the finer details of your interior design. This all-encompassing approach creates a wonderful synergy between interior and exterior spaces, resulting in a connection that few other architects can achieve. Our Master Planning service focuses design features, improves communication, outlines goals, and allows for better coordination between teams so that we can provide you with the outstanding results that our clients have come to expect.