Large Scale Construction

Buildings for commercial and industrial companies tend to be large and complex, and constructing them calls for a well-organized method for managing project details. Industrial and commercial construction entails taking into consideration a number of factors, including the nature of the particular sector for which the structure or structures are being provided, a thorough and comprehensive understanding of all owner desires, the appropriate materials to use, and applicable design methods. Construction of commercial or industrial buildings is thus highly specialized. LBJ has the highly specialized professionals needed in order to complete your large scale construction projects. We work with you to assess, plan, and engineer the commercial project. We secure all building permits, provide and provision utilities, manage personnel on-site, and operate safely and efficiently. We will absolutely monitor scheduling and cash-flows and provide you with detailed project reporting and communication every step of the way. Our large in-house crews, company owned equipment, design-build capabilities, in-house drafting/ modeling, pre-construction services and utilization of technology & software gives clients confidence in our abilities to deliver complex, performance driven, and logistically challenging projects.