Whether the structure is residential, commercial, non-profit, or otherwise, at our center, we are a services-oriented company, dedicated to adding value in the built environment. LBJ’s architects, designers, and consultants listen to client needs and are skilled at translating that knowledge into functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable solutions. We’re dedicated to providing professional design services that fulfill our clients’ needs, adhere to our clients’ budget and schedule parameters, and provide buildable solutions that create functional spaces within enriched environments. LJB’s ability to provide clients with an integrated design/build approach means you will experience a simplified project contract, for we will provide our design services along with our impeccable construction work. With LJB Construction, you will essentially have an engineer, architect, and builder all-in-one. Our ability to act as both designer and builder gives us the unique ability to know precisely what our clients want before construction even begins. This unified approach typically allows clients the advantage of fast-tracking their project due to a single point person for both design and construction.