Air Barrier Testing

Air barrier testing is aimed at locating and isolating areas of your building that allow air to move in and out of your building. While minor intrusions may not be out of the ordinary, major leaks or multiple leaks can cause serious wear and tear on your building. Over time, these leaks can cause your building systems to overwork, which results in higher utility bills, increased maintenance, and premature system failure. With LJB’s Building Air Barrier Testing, our customers can confirm the building’s design intent is met by quantifying the air leakage of a completed building. With a staff trained and certified in Whole Building Air Barrier Testing, we have the experience and knowledge to perform the appropriate testing that helps our customers meet their required standards. After testing and gathering data about your property, LJB formulates a report which includes either some options for resolving air barrier issues or a notice that your building meets the specified building standard for air infiltration and airflow. Regardless of your needs, you can feel confident that LJB will ensure your building meets, if not exceeds, various required standards to help you get the largest savings, health and comfort benefits possible for your commercial property.