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construction restoration services

When a home or place of business is damaged by a natural disaster or an accident, it is not just a structure that is impaired. The lives of the people who live or work in that building are impacted. It can be intimidating to consider all the work that goes into rebuilding your life after such a tragedy. LJB Construction is there to make sure you are back in your home as soon as possible. With over 40 years of combined experience in building, roofing, and construction restoration services, LJB has solidified our excellent reputation by constantly seeking out construction innovations and new technology to ensure the quality of our top tier work. A Better Business Bureau accredited, EPA Lead-Safe confirmed business, LJB provides ethical and professional first-rate work across Texas and Florida.  The knowledgeable and experienced staff at LJB is ready to provide reliable, efficient, and specialized restoration services.

A BBB accredited, EPA Lead-Safe confirmed business, LJB Construction skillfully provides ethical and first-rate work across Texas and Florida. 

LJB specializes in restoration and construction after disaster events like fires, floods, hurricanes, hailstorms, windstorms, and tornadoes. These emergencies can have a devastating impact on the people affected by the disaster. It is difficult to feel safe after a storm damages or destroys your home or business, but the experts at LJB are ready to jump into action immediately after disaster strikes. We have a proven method of systematic emergency management formulated after years of helping individuals and communities rebuild after disasters. The recovery process is different in every situation, but having handled thousands of claims, LJB is experienced in crafting a custom plan for restoration based on the individual challenges of each project.

construction restoration services

At LJB Construction, we have years of experience in offering emergency services including: risk assessment, fungal assessment, project planning and management, indoor air quality evaluation, structural assessment, hazardous material analysis, and coordination of services with FEMA, insurance companies, and the legal system. Our team can quickly mobilize to provide immediate assistance to those whose homes or businesses have been damaged after a natural disaster. We understand the immense impact these disasters can have on families and communities and use our proven expertise to create a detailed, knowledgeable plan for reconstruction of your home or business. LJB Construction’s goal is to quickly restore your life to normalcy.

We will be by your side to help navigate the insurance claims process. Your first step after a disaster is to get a full assessment of the damage.  Insurance claims must include a full report of internal, external, and any roof damage, which LJB is qualified to provide. We know exactly what insurance companies are looking for and can help expedite the claims process with our knowledgeable assessment capabilities. Our sterling reputation in disaster assessment services ensures you can trust our thoroughness and insurance companies can trust our honest and fair assessment. Our detailed damage analysis will ensure you received the full compensation required to get your home or business back to the condition it was in before the disaster. If the claims process does not go smoothly, LJB is qualified and willing to appear in court to provide expert witness testimony on your behalf in the event your insurance claim is denied.  Your needs in the aftermath of a disaster are LJB’s top priority.

LJB knows precisely what insurance companies need, and will expedite the claims process with our knowledgeable disaster assessment capabilities.

If you are dealing with damage not related to a disaster, we can also help. Water damage from leaking pipes, inefficient gutter systems, and damaged roofs can be extremely destructive to homes and business structures. Even water damage that appears subtle can lead to significant structural damage. Long-term water damage will require expert knowledge to restore the integrity of your structure. Restorative services need to begin 24-48 hours after the water damage occurs. After that, the risk for mold and mildew becomes very high. LJB is experienced in the treatment and removal of mold, mildew, and bacteria contamination and in the restorative processes required to get your home or business back to normal.

construction restoration services

When it comes to fire damage, many will shy away from the challenge, but LJB will step up to the plate. Whether from an isolated kitchen fire or a large house or business fire, smoke and flame damage presents its own specific challenges to rebuilding and restoring homes and other structures. LJB is able to skillfully return these buildings to their former state because of our years of experience dealing with smoke and fired damaged homes and businesses.

LJB Construction understands that the damage to a home or a business is not limited to structural damage. Getting people back to a sense of normalcy at home or at work is the goal our entire team. We will use our expertise and knowledge of restoration and construction to get you from where you are to where you want to be, providing a helping hand at every step along the way.


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