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construction emergency response

When a builder or property owner is faced with a natural disaster – construction emergency response time is critical, as the stakes are invariably high. Whether a structure has suffered damage from fire, flood, hurricane, or has been damaged during construction, a rapid emergency response time followed by the immediate implementation of a previously-prepared repair strategy is crucial.

Each type of disaster presents its own challenges and each requires skilled, experienced remediation if the damage is going to be contained and repaired properly. LJB Construction is experienced in all types of emergency repairs and disaster relief, from flood and fire to building envelope failures.

Although disaster unfortunately has infinite causes, emergency damage is often broadly divided into three categories.

1. Flood

construction emergency response

Flood damage must be addressed no later than 48 hours from the onset of the damage. Left unchecked, the rushing waters of a flood combined with untreated sewage and other forms of contamination combine to cause irreversible, devastating damage. Bacteria, mold, and mildew spread rapidly in wet conditions.

FEMA has reported that flood waters are one of the most common types of disasters.

Even in areas that do not flood naturally, homes and businesses can still be flooded by broken plumbing, faulty appliances or, as can happen with rental properties or apartment complexes, tenants may cause flood damage either accidentally or through negligence.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover flood damage.

Property owners must usually take responsibility for arranging repairs or rebuilding destroyed structures. However, we at LJB will always present our clients with the proper forms and paperwork to give to their insurance company. Alternatively, for our clients who prefer not to deal directly with their insurance, we are available to interact with insurers on their behalf.

2. Fire

construction emergency response

Because of the pernicious nature of smoke damage, the aftermath of even a small fire should be evaluated by an experienced construction team. Fires can release an alarmingly long list of hazardous chemicals into the air, so the repairs that are needed can be much more extensive than first meets the eye. Before anyone returns to live or work in a fire-damaged building, emergency response construction professionals need to carefully ascertain the extent of the damage. A thorough evaluation of toxic exposure risk must be performed before anyone is permitted to re-enter the structure (prior to repairs).

3. Storm

construction emergency response

Storms are some of the most destructive forces of nature. They commonly present as snow storms, hail storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wind storms. Each type of storm brings a signature type of damage, but each has the potential for equal devastation.

Construction companies experienced in disaster relief have usually traveled throughout their region responding to storms that have devastated communities.

When a large number of properties have suffered storm damage, a licensed, highly-rated construction company with the resources and capacity to address and ameliorate damage swiftly is a vital component of the community’s ability to recover completely.

construction emergency response

Our ability to repair & reconstruct all types of structures has been developed through years of disaster recovery experience.

Scope of Damage Assessment

When LJB first arrives on the scene of a disaster or construction failure, we carefully inspect the property to find out exactly how much damage there has been. We work with the property owner and provide them with a full and detailed explanation of the scope of the damage.

Structural Safety Evaluation

construction emergency response

Our immediate priority is assessing the integrity of the structure itself. If a building is in any way unsafe for the owner, employees, or tenants to be living or working in, we want to gather that information as quickly as possible so that our clients are safe.

Repair Cost Estimate Delivered in Insurance-Ready Format

construction emergency response

As we all know, the true damage from a disaster can’t come to an end until its full financial impact has been assessed and squared away. LJB wants your post-disaster cost assessment to be as accurate as possible. We take our responsibility to our clients seriously; we know that the financial burden they face in the wake of a disaster can be troubling even when an insurance reimbursement is expected to arrive. We remain connected with our clients throughout the repair process and insurance interactions. It is our hope that our many years of experience in disaster relief and emergency construction can help give our clients peace of mind as they try to regain their sense of safety and routine.

Disaster Prevention

LJB Construction can respond to emergency construction calls nearly immediately, dispatching an experienced team of disaster relief and emergency response construction professionals. Every one of our team members has responded to calls just like yours before individually and as part of a larger, coordinated team, and their honed cooperation shows in our results.

construction emergency response

While we are exceedingly proud of our construction emergency response time as well as our renovation results, the best solution to structure damage is prevention (when and where possible). To that end, whether we’re inspecting a newly-crafted building envelope or educating a business owner on the nuances of fire prevention, we want our clients to be fully protected against any kind of damage that is preventable. We will always share our insights with our clients in the hopes of ensuring their safety as well as the integrity of their homes and places of business.

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