With more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, LJB has a proven success record when it comes to taking on complex large-scale construction projects. Large-scale projects often cost millions of dollars and can include dozens of subcontractors and suppliers as well as hundreds of workers.

Coordinating such substantial operations demands expert construction management skills.  Knowledge of the current building codes, construction regulations and labor laws are essential when dealing with large-scale construction projects.

On each large-scale construction job coordinated by LJB Construction, our objectives are to deliver the owner’s desired results on time, according to specifications and within budget.

Our areas of special expertise include:

  • Managing the bid process and negotiating contracts
  • Overseeing management, including field procurement, as well as receipt, inspection, and warehousing materials and issuing them to contractors
  • Performing construction and field administration

Our Large-Scale Construction CV consists of the following:

Mondongo Island Renovations, Mondongo Island, FL

Sole sourced all historical renovations to island homes, marina and boat houses. Project consisted of $1.2 Million in restorations, and was completed on time and within budget.

Allen Gary Residence – Naples, FL

Provided construction services as General Contractor for 67,000 SF residence at an estimated $98 million.