An effective building envelope is necessary to ensure that a building is protected so that it can operate as designed for its intended lifespan. Ineffective building envelopes leave a building susceptible to extensive, insidious damage from moisture. In a commercial setting, this means productivity is jeopardized, product stock can be damaged, and crucial building components may be rendered useless. The experts at LJB specialize in assessing any potential problems and providing cost-effective, customized solutions.

LJB’s extensive experience in the roofing industry allows us to approach each roof evaluation with thoroughness and precision. Our reports outline the roof’s history and composition. We illustrate the existing conditions with photographs. Our report of findings includes recommendations for maintenance, repair, and/or replacement with budget and cost estimates.

Building Envelope and Waterproofing Analysis

Our first objective is determining the effectiveness of your existing building envelope. Step one is conducting a thorough visual inspection of each system component:

  • Membrane
  • Flashings and metal flashings
  • Walls, both above roof level and above grade
  • Drainage facilities
  • Equipment waterproofing
  • Penetrations

Once we have completed our visual inspection, we document leaks that may be cause for concern with regard to building envelope performance and photograph the existing conditions.

Non-Destructive Surveys

Non-Destructive moisture surveys are notably superior in situations where targeted repairs may extend the overall performance and lifespan of the existing building envelope system. Our thermography experience allows us to conduct infrared and electrical capacitance surveys.

Infrared Moisture Surveys

Infrared testing is a non-invasive process that detects areas where moisture has infiltrated the roof. Our infrared camera captures a thermal image of the roof which can help detect moisture infiltration long before damage is visible to the naked eye.

Air Barrier Testing

In compliance with energy efficiency guidelines, we have the capability to inspect the building exterior and identify points from which air is escaping the building envelope; common leaks occur at windows, doors, and areas where structures penetrate the envelope. We will coordinate directly with your HVAC contractor or agent.

Electrical Capacitance Surveys

Electrical capacitance moisture detection surveys measure the electrical resistance within a roof system. Our highly sensitive survey equipment detects subtle changes in roofing materials that may indicate the presence of moisture trapped within.

Survey Findings

Upon completion of our assessments, we provide our clients with a comprehensive report which includes the following:

  • Written summaries of our visual observations
  • Photographs of existing conditions
  • Results of any roof opening and/or laboratory analysis
  • Infrared survey results (when requested)
  • Electrical capacitance survey results (when requested)
  • Cost estimates for roof repair or replacement