LJB provides a wide range of services for Home Owners Associations and Property Management Companies – ranging from the analysis and oversight of a single project to global management that includes building complexes, regional holdings, or global investment portfolios. Our experience and expertise will contribute to your team’s successful property management and operation of real estate assets.

We document our work thoroughly, and we communicate consistently and completely to ensure that the HOA is kept informed at each stage of a project. We understand the strict time constraints and detailed guidelines that each HOA must operate within; when combined with our experience and attention to detail, our expertise means that LJB is able to oversee every aspect of HOA repairs and renovations.

  • Project Management

Our highly skilled project management team guarantees that we will deliver projects that are completed on time, constructed using quality materials and impeccable methods, and kept faithful to the financial projections we have presented.

  • New or Reroof Installation Inspections

We understand that due to the complicated legal issues accompanying the relationship between homeowner and HOAs, HOAs must only work with meticulous inspectors to insure their roofing work has been performed properly. We will protect both the HOA and the homeowner with our rigorous, efficient inspections.

  • Due Diligence Inspections

We perform Due Diligence inspections, as well. We understand the rapid turnaround required for these inspections; our extensive experience with HOA guidelines ensures that we will be able to execute inspections promptly and accurately every time.

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

Because preventive maintenance is the best defense against extensive home damage and decay, we know that these programs are often the HOA’s first priority. We will perform all inspections and repairs with the intention of preserving or increasing the value and visual appeal of the community’s homes.